10 Romantic Ways to Tell Your Partner That You Are Carrying

There will be many developments in your life that you will be eager and delighted to share these with your loved ones. One such development is most likely to be the news of your pregnancy. The moment you come to know that you are pregnant, it will trigger a host of emotions within you and you would want to share your feelings with your significant other. However, you can’t just walk up to him and say that you are pregnant, as it will spoil all the fun. Some couples may prefer such direct conversations, but if you want to truly express your love and feelings and make it memorable, you have to break the news of your pregnancy in a special way. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are 10 romantic ways to tell your partner that you are carrying.

#1 Host a candlelight dinner:

Tell him the spark has been missing in your relationship for some time and you want to infuse some new energy, starting with a candle light dinner. Don’t give any clues at this time; just make it look like everything’s normal. At the candle light dinner, you can choose an innovative way to reveal the news of your pregnancy. For example, you can ask the restaurant staff to post a customized note on the wine bottle that reveals the news to your significant other.

#2 Send an affectionate letter:

You need to write this in your own handwriting and your significant other should get this by mail. You don’t need to be an expert to write such letters; just jot down your feelings about how your lives have progressed and how another momentous occasion awaits you both. You can draw some things that relate to a baby to add that extra flavor to the letter that reveals the news of your pregnancy.

#3 Plan a vacation:

You can plan a quick vacation and reveal the news to your significant other. When you are vacationing, you can wear a t-shirt that has an appropriate message. If he doesn’t notice, you may have to try other things. For example, you can give the hotel staff a special note that they will send with the breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also keep the note inside an envelope if you don’t want the hotel staff to know.

#4 Start shopping for baby supplies:

You can start buying some things that your baby will need and keep them at a place where your significant other might notice. Your partner may notice immediately what you are trying to tell them or he may need to be told a multiple times. In case of the latter, it does not mean that he doesn’t care. It may be just that he iscurrently preoccupied with other things in hislife.Have patience, he will notice it eventually.

#5 Propose fatherhood:

Find an appropriate moment and propose fatherhood to your significant other. Pop up the question – “Will you be a father?” This is one of the most romantic ways to let him know that you are carrying. You can plan this during a candle light dinner or a vacation.Your partner may have proposed marriage to you, so now it’s your turn to propose him.

#6 Buy a gift:

By now, you may be well aware of the things that your partner likes. It is possible that he may have told you about something that he always wanted to have. In such cases, you can gift your partner the thing he wants. It could be a watch, a phone or anything else of his choice. Inside the gift, you can place a small note that breaks the news of your pregnancy. This would be doubly delightful for your partner and he will appreciate the special things you do for him.

#7 Pregnancy announcement cards:

These are available in various shapes and sizes and can be personalized as per your specific needs and requirements. Some of the popular concepts for these cards include scratch cards, baby countdown cards, coming soon cards, etc.

#8 Choose a name for the baby:

You can initiate a conversation with your partner and ask him what name he would like to give to your baby. Ask it casually without revealing that you are pregnant. As the conversation progresses, both of you can work together to finalize the name. Once that is done, you can finally reveal the news that you are pregnant.

#9 Use pregnancy test kit:

You can use your actual pregnancy test kit to reveal the news to your partner. If your pregnancy test kit has revealed a positive result, you can place it in the bathroom where your partner can notice it easily. You can also place it on a side table or a work table or any other place where your partner will be able to notice it. This method has become quite popular these days.

#10 Use affordable options:

Sometimes, gifts, vacations and candle light dinners may not be possible. However, you need not fret, as there are plenty of affordable options that you can use to break the news of your pregnancy in a romantic way. For example, you can write a small note and place it near your partner’s favorite coffee cup. You can also post such notes on the refrigerator; slip it inside his pocket; keep it under the remote, etc. There are many more similar ideas that you can use.

Apart from choosing a romantic way to break the news of your pregnancy to your significant other, you also need to ensure that you do it at the right moment. You need to get the timing right to make the entire thing work properly. You need to choose a time when your partner is least expecting it and when he is in a good mood. Weekdays need to be avoided, as your partner is most likely to be preoccupied with their professional commitments. The best time to break the news of your pregnancy is during weekends or holidays, when your partner can be more receptive to what you have to say. It will also ensure that they can enjoy the moment with you and reciprocate with the desired love and affection.


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