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15 Ways To Entertain Kids Without Gadget

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Do you think that your kids are spending most of their time playing with the electronic gadgets? Are you worried about how to cut short their addiction towards gadgets? Well, you are not alone. Children (and of course the adults) are entangled with their devices, thanks to our digital life. This exposure not only becomes an addiction but also affects your child’s health. Thus, it is important to reduce the screen time of your child. But how would you do this?  How would you distract your child from these glossy devices?  We have come up with 15 ways that will help you entertain your children without using any gadgets.

#1 Crafting

One of the best ways to pump up your child’s creativity is by involving them in the world of art and craft. There are so many fun things to do with your kid by reusing the items lying around at home, like bottle caps, egg cartons, etc. It not only keeps your child engaged for quite some time but also makes them more focused.

#2 Read a book

Exposing your child to the habit of reading books early on in their life proves to have extended benefits. Start reading age-appropriate books to your kids every day. To make it more fun, let your child enact the stories.  Trust us this is one must try activity for your kids. 

#3 Baby chef

In the name of pampering (and also for the mess that comes afterward), we resist ourselves from involving the kids in the kitchen. But children love to do things that are restricted to them. Let your child assist you during kitchen time. Be it an omelet or a cake; let them do some whisking and mixing. You guys will end up having a blast together.

#4 Outdoor Games

What happened to the good old days of playing catch in the park or building castles on the beaches? You would definitely agree that the fun you had back then will not match 100 games of angry birds. Head out to the place of your liking with your kids to not just entertain them, but also for some much needed physical exercise.

#5 Indoor Tent

Children get excited about anything that differs from the routinized life. So make your room camp ready by getting a makeshift tent or just use your old tablecloth and bedcovers to create a tent. You can make it more adventurous by doing this in the backyard and spending an evening under the stars. This sounds fun, right? It definitely is!!

#6 Obstacle course

Who said exercise and fun don’t go together? The obstacle course is one such game which not only guarantees fun but also involves a lot of physical activities. Convert your backyard (or your terrace) into an obstacle course using simple stuff like a ladder, baby bathtubs, balls, chairs, hops and what not? And then ask your child to cover the obstacle in as less time as possible. This can also be done for your toddlers by using suitable props.

#7 Treasure hunt

Now, this is an idea that kids of all ages would love. Depending on your child’s age, think of something as easy as an egg hunt or something trickier with a series of instructions. It also lets you take some much-needed rest while they are busy searching for their treasure (double treat…huh?). So, parents, it’s time to roll your sleeves and get into action. What say?

#8 Board games

Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Carom, Ludo, Pictionary – the choices are plenty out there. From 2 to multiple numbers of players, from ages 4 and above, from simple to brainy, the options are vast to choose from. And here comes the best part, in the course of entertainment your child is also learning. So, get cracking!

#9 Pillow fight

On those days when you are unable to come up with an idea to entertain your kid but still are reluctant to use a gadget, pick 2 soft fluffy pillows and indulge in a pillow fight with your kid. Sounds crazy? Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

#10 Play “Simon Says”

This game is a sure shot time killer on those long boring days. For those who don’t know the game, let us explain the rules. One person assumes the role of ‘Simon’ and gives instructions which have to be followed by the others. The instructions are usually physical activities such as jumping in the air or swimming on the floor. But here lies the twist. The instructions that follow the phrase “Simon says” should only be followed else they are out of the game.

#11 Try Gardening

Doesn’t a child love to play with sand? Why not let your child get their hands dirty in the garden? Gardening is one of the best ways to get your child to indulge in nature. The amount of joy your kids would feel when their plants blossom, is priceless. And don’t worry if you don’t have a garden. Try terrace gardening or put a few pots near the window sill.

#12 Karaoke concert

Kids love to pretend as rock stars. So why not dress up your budding pop star in funky clothes and let them unleash their vocal skills? To make it more realistic, make use of dim lightings, mike sets etc. Sing along to your favorite tunes to have a fun-filled evening with your kids.

#13 Tea-Party

Before you think about the aftermath, let us confirm that we are talking about a mock tea-party. Let your child pick a theme and get all dressed up accordingly. Encourage your child to decorate your hall and serve you tea & snacks prepared by them in their playhouse. Don’t forget to invite all the toys and stuffed animals.

#14 Visit an Orphanage

Plan an impromptu visit to an orphanage and try organizing a few group activities for all the kids. Encourage your kid to share their toys with the other kids. This not only lets your kid interact with fellow kids but also teaches them to be more compassionate.

#15 Engage with Grandparents

Remember the time you grew up listening to your Grandma’s stories? Don’t you still cherish the wonderful memories you had with them? Grandparents have a lot to offer to your kids. They are a package of unconditional love, kindness, patience, a lifetime of experience to share and of course lots of cookies (wink!). Taking your kids to their grandparent’s place would immediately brighten up their day. And the grandparents would be more than happy to entertain their grandkids!

Do try out these ideas and have a blast doing it. We are pretty sure that these ideas would not just help your kid deviate from gadgets but would also make every one of you happily tired of having all this fun.

Do share if you found this helpful. Also, comment below on your experiences.

Happy parenting!!!

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