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5 Heart-Wrenching Stories Which Will Change The Way You Look at Your Children

For every parent, their kid is the biggest prize of their lives. The moment you hold the little one in your arms, cradle him and then the baby looks towards you that is a feeling that can never be expressed in words. Even a world of riches cannot give you that sense of satisfaction and happiness! In that moment of joy you become a much-matured person; for now, you are responsible for nurturing and bringing up the baby as a fine and healthy human being. With time, the baby grows little by little and it gets naughtier! Your little bundle of joy starts pestering you. And in the daily wear and tear of life (add to that the obstinate and illogical behaviour of the child) you forget what a big gift your child really is!

When you get frustrated with your child, just sit back and think – you are lucky that life has given you the bliss of parenthood. There are many parents around the world who have to challenge the odds to keep their child healthy and fine. There are many parents for whom life as a parent is not as linear as it is for you. For them, every day is a constant endeavour to keep their child in good health. So, we thought of presenting a few of such heart-wrenching stories before you today. And yes, please keep a box of tissues or hankies close by, because these real-life stories are a tear-jerker.

#1: 75 Days of Labor

For many mothers, those 20 days of labor are the most challenging days of their life. Only a mother knows how she can see through those days! Well, if you thought 20 days were long, wait until you hear the story of Joanna Krzysztonek from Poland. Joanna was carrying not one or two but three babies in her womb. So, she had thrice the reason to be happy, you would think. But all this happiness turned into a nightmare when she went into labour pre-term. Soon after, she gave birth to one of the babies. Sadly, the doctors opined that the baby was born too early and died. From then it was a fight against the odds for Joanna. In an effort to save her two other babies, the doctors suggested Joanna raise both her feet up. For the next two and a half months, Joanna lay perfectly still with her feet up, to keep the babies within the uterus. After this long and arduous wait, she delivered two perfectly healthy babies!

#2: An Emergency Call that became a life-changer

It was a fine day and a day that changed the life of Marc Hadden for once and all. Marc was going about his usual tasks as the first responder to an emergency call on the 911. The brave firefighter rushed to the address and found that the house was ablaze. When he broke inside, Marc found a lady inside who was in her labour. So, his first task was to get the lady out of the burning house. Once that had been achieved, he tried to arrange for her trip to the hospital. But it was already too late, so Marc helped the lady in delivering the baby right in front of the property. Marc felt a heavenly connection, as soon as he held the baby in his arms. He even ended up naming it “Grace”. The next day, Marc and his wife Beth learned that Grace had been put up for adoption by his mother. So, Marc rushed to the hospital and brought Grace home. Ever since Grace has become her father’s favourite and is a darling for her two brothers – Will and Parker. Marc feels that “Grace is a God’s gift to our family”.

#3: Smiling all the Way

Being told that your child is suffering from cancer is enough to bring down the world upon you. Just think what went through the minds of Adam Lewis’ parents when they were told that their son was terminally ill and there was no cure. The parents took a selfless call right then. They decided to keep this fact hidden from Adam. They feared that prognosis might affect the way he leads his life. On the contrary, they made sure Adam remained happy all the while. Even when Adam went through the pain of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and steroid treatments he remained in good spirits. He enjoyed his time in the school as well as with the family. This brave little boy fought against Cancer for a year before passing away. Today, Adam’s parents are raising money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice to treat other terminally ill children.

#4: She was shot and burnt

This mother (whose name we don’t know), was nine months pregnant when calamity struck. She had just returned back from a party with her husband. But, to her astonishment she found some miscreants hiding in her garage. She was soon bound and abducted from her home. In the next few hours, she was driven around the Detroit highways. Finally, the miscreants decided to let her go. But before that, they shot her and lit her on fire. The woman lay completely still feigning to have died. When the attackers finally left, she rolled around to extinguish the fire and called out for help. She was taken to the nearby hospital. Lucky for her, after a 12-hour labour and fight for survival she gave birth to a healthy baby.

#5 Life is a Battle

Every day we fight many battles for existence, but none can even come close to the plight of Drake. Life has been a bed of thorns for Drake. At 10 years of age, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Drake fought on against this killer disease. And his mother, Jessica Medinger posted pictures depicting the pain Drake had to endure every day on Facebook. Her idea was to make people know how bad it can get. Drake could hardly eat anything and even when he ate something it hardly stayed inside, due to the effects of Chemotherapy. He had to be constantly kept on drips. But Drake won this battle he got over Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Six months later, he had to wage another battle and this time he was hit by testicular cancer. He could not control his bowels, could not eat, could not be touched (due to severe pain) and would fall asleep mid-sentence due to exhaustion. Drake sleeps in his mother’s bed every day for fear of dying in the middle of the night!

Doesn’t parenthood look so much easy, after reading through these stories? Don’t they make you think differently about your children?

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