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5 Potty Training Tips

5 Potty Training Tips

Potty training is essential for hygiene standards that you may want your child to follow. Once potty training is successfully completed, it will save you a lot of time and effort that goes into looking after potty related needs of your child. It will also come handy when the child is with a babysitter or staying at a relative’s house. Before you begin potty training, ensure that your child is ready for it. Children need to be physically and mentally ready to start using a potty and this does not happen until they are 2 to 3 years old. In children less than 2 years old, the muscles that control their bladder and rectum are yet to be fully developed. It can be said that this makes them ‘unqualified’ for potty training.

As compared to girls, boys generally tend to take a few months more to become eligible for potty training. Overall, the best time to begin potty training is when kids are 2-3 years old. There are different milestones in potty training, and you could try achieving this one by one. For example, it could be a milestone when your child has learned to tell you that they need to go to the potty. Another milestone could be their ability to operate the flush on their own.

Children learn better through visuals, so you can hold mock-up sessions on how it’s done or ask someone else in the family to show it to them. You can also show them potty training videos and books.

Here are some more potty training tips that you may find useful.

5 Potty Training Tips


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