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60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids

60 second anxiety relief tools for kids

A certain degree of anxiety is a part of growing up and it’s quite normal. Most kids will experience some level of anxiety at specific situations in their lives. Anxiety becomes a problem only when it starts preventing a child from taking part in everyday activities such as attending school, spending time with friends, playing games, etc. Since anxiety is an inbuilt emotional response, it would be more appropriate to learn to manage it rather than trying to eliminate it completely. Research studies have linked anxiety to genetic factors, wherein some kids have a heightened response to perceived danger. This triggers their fight-or-flight response, which, due to their genetic makeup, is acuter as compared to other kids. It’s like a smoke detector set to its maximum sensitivity, making it go off at the slightest tinge of smoke.

There’s a family connection as well. Research studies have shown that if both or any one parent experiences anxiety, their kid is seven times more susceptible to anxiety attacks, as compared to kids whose parents do not experience anxiety. Major events in the family such as a death of a relative, relocation, fights between parents, etc. can also trigger anxiety among children.

As a parent, you need to look out for signs of anxiety in your kid and determine how it may be impacting their life. Do not assume that your child will outgrow their anxiety on their own as they grow up. Seek help if required. Anxiety is treatable with therapy and medication, so there’s no need to worry.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can teach your kids to help them deal with their anxiety.

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60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids



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