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7 Tips to Help a Shy Child

7 tips to help a shy kid

Children are born with a specific temperament and shyness is a type of temperament. It’s the way children interact with the world. Shy children are often uncomfortable in social situations, something that limits their social interactions. They take more time to warm up to people and situations, but once they get going, their shyness may no longer be a hindrance. So, instead of telling them they are shy, just explain to them that they take more time to get comfortable with new people and situations. This will help remove the guilt they may be experiencing in relation to their shyness.

Every child experiences a certain degree of shyness and it’s quite normal. Shyness becomes a problem only when it starts to create distress among children. If a child displays heightened anxiety in social situations such as play dates, parties, sporting events, etc., then their shyness may be preventing them from leading a normal life. Another example could be a situation where the child has started to feel lonely since he is not able to make friends due to his shy nature. It can also be that shyness has started affecting a child’s performance at school, in which case, it could be classified as a problem.

However, there’s no need to worry since shyness can be managed using the right techniques and by providing support and guidance. As a parent, you just need to be patient and bear with your child as they learn to be more outgoing and start improving their social skills. Here are 7 great tips you can use to help your child overcome their shyness.

7 Tips to Help a Shy Child

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