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ChuChu TV Tells You Why Storytelling at Night Matters

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Storytelling at night is a great way to connect and bond with your kids. Your children get to learn new words, improve their knowledge of people and places, understand culture and diversity, and develop an improved sense of awareness about the world they live in. Stories can be about challenges and learning to overcome them, something that will hone your child’s problem-solving skills. Research studies have shown that storytelling at night also prepares children for a good night’s sleep, an essential factor for the child’s overall growth and development. It’s a good way to keep them away from mobile devices that have shown to disturb sleep patterns.

You can choose stories that have a definitive moral, which will help instil the right values in your child. You can ask them what stories they would like to hear and in case they are not sure, you can provide a couple of options and let them choose. While telling stories, you can interact with your child to know what they feel about certain things in the story. Researchers have found that children who have stories read to them regularly find it easier to connect with new people and places. This improves their social skills and makes them more outgoing.

You can choose storybooks that come with lots of pictures so that your child can easily understand the plot, characters, and other elements of the story. Once in a while, you can ask your child to retell the story that you may have read to them sometime back. This will be a new experience for them and it will broaden their learning horizon.

Here are some more interesting aspects, as to why storytelling at night matters.

ChuChu TV Tells You Why Storytelling at Night Matters


  • Hii. My son is only 2years 1month only. He is very naughty. He feel very boredom at the evening time cos .he can’t go outside the room . please help me to say that what kind of activity is best for him

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