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ChuChuTV Now in YouTube Kids : Explore Nursery Rhymes And Children’s Songs

ChuChuTV Now in YouTube Kids

Google established yet another milestone by launching a new domain of YouTube called YouTube KIDS. The app was first launched in February 2015, limiting itself to the audience based in the US. Currently it is available in over 20 nations for free download on both iOS and Android systems; however lacking a web version of the same.

The app is a solution to the concern of most parents who have expressed their thoughts on the varied content that YouTube offers, and its appropriation regarding children. YouTube KIDS is designed specifically for children, producing only child-friendly content and offering parental control— parents can limit the usage of the app or choose limited content that they approve of. These settings can be further saved with a passcode. In addition, it offers the option to turn off background music and sound effects.

This is YouTube’s first step in rebranding itself as a video portrayal for family content, giving kids an opportunity to explore and experience through visual learning. Our channel being the most-popular YouTube channel for kids globally, with a total of over 6 billion views and 6 million YouTube subscribers, is among the contributors offering exclusive content to YouTube KIDS. We hope that this makes it much easier for our fans to access and join us in our world of creative and fun learning.

Click the link to download the YouTube Kids app:


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