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ChuChu TV’s Say on How Writing Does Wonders for Your Kids

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Encouraging your child to write is the simplest, yet one of the most effective ways to help them learn the tenets of patience, communication and self-learning. Scientific research studies have shown that writing helps children improve their memory, intelligence, creativity and cognitive skills. Not every child may display an inclination towards writing, but if you utilize the right techniques, you can always guide them on the right track. A good way to begin is to ask your child to write on any topic of their choice. You can provide some decent writing pads, some nice pen or pencil, and may be some stuff for coloring and painting as well so that they can combine their writing with their drawings. Such a writing and drawing kit will act as an incentive for them to focus on their writing.

You can also choose some rewards that you can give to your child for their writing efforts. However, this is optional since genuine appreciation and a pat on the back is often considered sufficient motivation for kids. You can also share their writing and drawings with other family members, friends, etc., which will further boost their motivation levels. Once they are hooked to writing, it’s likely that they will learn to continue to do it on their own.

The writing and drawings of your child will help you as well in understanding their innermost feelings. You can also provide suggestions/guidance based on the views expressed in their writing. Here are some more facts on how writing does wonders for your kids.

ChuChu TV's Say on How Writing Does Wonders for Your Kids



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