How to Deal With Morning Sickness and Nausea during Pregnancy

adequate sleep during pregnancy

Many parents actually realize they are expecting a child based on this one symptom that has become synonymous with pregnancy. Nausea especially morning sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancy experienced by many women. It can be particularly trying when you feel like you are on a moving bus that you can’t do anything about. The fatigue of the first trimester often coincides with nausea which makes it absolutely uncomfortable for the excited mother to be. For an unfortunate few, nausea follows throughout the pregnancy. There are some women who have been nauseous right until the day they delivered the baby. But we have some tips for you to manage nausea whether it happens during the first trimester or throughout the pregnancy for you.

1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Start the day well

This is the most important thing you need to remember. Try to wake up naturally and break your fast with a light but healthy breakfast. If this is the time you feel nauseous, stick to plenty of water and fruits. Though morning sickness makes one think it comes only in the morning, women experience nausea during any part of the day when they are pregnant. So if mornings are good times for you, load up on nutrition slowly but effectively.

2. Have small but frequent meals

Pregnant lady having a small meal


An empty stomach triggers discomfort that may lead to nausea. So have small meals every few hours to ensure your body is well nourished as well as light. A heavy meal may make you uncomfortable especially if nausea suddenly strikes.

3. Consider opting for cold foods

pregnant lady looking into a fridge

Many women experience comfort whilst consuming cold food instead of piping hot meals. Check if it works for you and stick to what works religiously. Cold milk is a great way to get the calcium into your body and soothe your acidic stomach especially if you feel dehydrated.

4. Load up on nutrition during good meal times

balanced meal at the time of pregnancy

Whenever you feel like you can tuck in a good meal, make sure you get enough carbohydrates, proteins and good fats into your body. Don’t gorge on spicy or fatty fast food during this time to regret it later when you feel nauseous. Food that is fresh, rich in protein and carbohydrates is good for you and your baby.

5. Have plenty of fruits and water

A pregnant lady having a balanced meal

This cannot be emphasized enough. Ensure you are well hydrated as nausea might lead to puking which will definitely leave you dehydrated. Measure your optimal water intake based on your body weight and consume it at regular intervals during the day. Also when you feel like snacking, reach out for a fruit. You will be thankful for your wise choices in the future.

6. Avoid caffeine

pregnant lady having a balanced meal

Though caffeine is something everyone swears by, it is one of the things you have to limit or give up altogether during your pregnancy. It is not necessarily soothing when your digestion is already under stress and will mess with your sleep cycles which are already altered due to the pregnancy. So skip the caffeine if you can or at least limit it to 350 ml a day.

7. Avoid spicy & oily food

A pregnant lady gorging on cake

You will automatically find yourself reaching out for harmless bland food as you go through the day. Many women like having crackers, cereal, and other carbohydrate-rich but mild food during their pregnancy. However, sometimes you will also experience cravings that may be bizarre. While indulging yourself once in a while is a good thing, try to stick to healthy food for the most part of the day.

8. Don’t miss out on your vitamins

A pregnant lady taking vitamins

Try to find out when you don’t feel nauseous and are likely to digest your meal for sure. Take your vitamins during this time without fail. Pregnancy depletes many women of vital nutrients. Supplementing your body with nutrition is very important to remain healthy throughout childbirth and even after that during the breastfeeding phase.

9. Avoid smells that make you uncomfortable

pregnant lady smelling a perfume and looking uncomfortable

Look for patterns in your nausea. Do certain foods make you uncomfortable? Note them down and try to avoid them. Many women feel uncomfortable around the same smells throughout the pregnancy. So figuring them out will definitely help you in making sure you are comfortable for the rest of your pregnancy. Similarly, you might find that you are more nauseous during a certain time of day. If you can figure out your triggers, you can actively take care of yourself by eating light during the times when you are prone to nausea and avoiding anything that triggers it unexpectedly.

10. Take pro-active measures while traveling 

pregnant lady smelling a perfume and looking uncomfortable

How much ever you try to be cautious, you might suddenly experience discomfort when you are out during the day. So keep a change of clothes, a puke bag and some fresh towels handy. Keep wet wipes, hand sanitizers and other essentials in your bag whenever you go out so that you are not caught unaware when nausea suddenly strikes when a new smell comes wafting across the room.

11. Get plenty of rest

A pregnant lady sleeping blissfully

Pregnancy can be quite overwhelming especially the first one. It is common for pregnant women to require extra sleep during their first trimester. So account for plenty of rest in your schedule during your nine months of pregnancy. With adequate rest, you will find that nausea becomes so much more manageable as compared to feeling worn down with no sleep.


While these tips will help you be aware of what to expect with nausea and deal with morning sickness effectively, pregnancy is when women realize how unpredictable their bodies can be. Every day is bound to be different as your body makes way for another life within itself. So go with the flow and prepare to be surprised by your cravings, your triggers and even your sleep patterns. Learning to let go and enjoying the ride will automatically make you feel relaxed which in turn will ease many of the symptoms you feel during your pregnancy. So put your feet up, pamper yourself and expect the unexpected.



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