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Top Reasons Kids Should Get Plenty of Exercise

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Regular exercise is important for kids, as it helps build strong bones and muscles, boosts their immune system keeping diseases at bay, improves blood flow, and aids in detoxification. Regular exercise has shown to boost self-esteem and confidence levels among children. It impacts brain health by stimulating the formation of new neurones. This translates into improved cognitive skills, coordination, reaction time, and focus. Children who exercise regularly tend to sleep better, which is an important prerequisite for a healthy body and mind.

When it comes to children’s exercise, you need not force them to follow a specific type of exercise. Let them choose what they want to do. As long as it involves physical activity, it would count as exercise. Hop, skip, jump, walking in the park, going up and down the stairs, biking, rock climbing, swimming, dancing, martial arts, etc. can all be a good form of exercise for your kid. When children get to choose something on their own, it is likely that they will not lose interest and continue doing it for longer. Sometimes, neither you nor your kid may be sure what interests them, so keep trying different things until something clicks.

To provide the right encouragement, you can lead by example by keeping an active lifestyle. You are the role model for your child, so when you show an active interest in physical activities, they are likely to reflect the same behaviour. You can do some activities together, which will be a great motivating factor for your child. You can share with them the importance of exercise and all the various benefits it offers.

Here are the top reasons why kids should get plenty of exercises.

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