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5 Super cool ways to use fidget spinners for kids

fidget spinners

Originally designed for people diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), fidget spinners have become all the rage in recent times. Available in an assortment of colours, these little spinning toys have become extremely popular with kids and adults alike. An interesting aspect about fidget spinners is that they were invented way back in the 1990’s, but it’s only now that they have become popular. The millennial and post-millennial generation just love it and for kids, it has become their constant companion. Fidget spinners are great for kids, as it helps them with their fidgeting and is also a great source for their entertainment. Kids love fidget spinners also because it allows them to perform a wide variety of cool tricks and engage in innovative games with other kids and their fidget spinners. If you are looking for the right inspiration, here are 5 cool ways to use fidget spinners for kids.

Hand transfer:

This is one of the simplest tricks that kids can try when they are learning to use a fidget spinner for the first time. Holding the fidget spinner in the center using the thumb and the index/middle finger, rotate it with your other hand. Now, as the fidget spinner starts to spin rapidly, gently toss it with your other hand and grab it at the center. The trick would be considered successful if the fidget spinner is still spinning while it lands on your other hand. Once you have mastered this, you can try tossing the fidget spinner in a continuous loop, from your right hand to left hand, and back. This may be a simple trick, but it may still require some practice for first-timers. Grabbing the fidget spinner at the center is the main problem kids may face while trying to learn this trick.

hand transfer

Finger transfer:

This is where it gets a lot more complicated and difficult. But kids are more flexible, so they can learn this much faster, as compared to adults. The trick is to rotate the fidget spinner, release the thumb finger from top center, and hold it from the bottom center using the index or middle finger. Now, as the fidget spinner is still spinning, gently pass it to your other fingers, one by one. Once you have learned to do this with five fingers, you can try passing it one by one to all your 10 fingers. The trick would be considered successful when you have learned to pass the fidget spinner through all your 10 fingers without stopping the rotation of the fidget spinner. Passing the fidget spinner on 5 fingers gets done relatively easy, but passing it to the other five fingers may require some practice.

finger transfer

Spinner switch:

To perform this cool trick, two fidget spinners will be required. You need to hold one in each hand in the standard manner. Next, spin both the fidget spinners and let them rotate. Now, keep both your hands’ side by side in front of you and toss both the spinners in the opposite directions; the left spinner to your right hand and the right spinner to your left hand. Next, you need to catch both of them at the center. Once you have mastered doing this trick in a single loop, you can try doing it in a continuous loop. You can create your own personal record on how many continuous loops you can perform and can also compete with others. This trick may take some practice, since the spinners often collide with each other when tossed in the air.

spinner switch

Catch to spin:

This is one of the coolest ways to use fidget spinners for kids. This trick is quite unique since the spinning starts in the second stage. In most other tricks, you first spin the fidget spinner and then perform your trick. But in ‘Catch to Spin’, the opposite is true. To perform this trick, just hold any one of the blades of the fidget spinner with your thumb and index finger and toss it up vertically, about 2-5 meters above you, in a spinning motion. Now, when it comes down, you need to grab it in the center. As soon as it lands in your fingers, it will start rotating due to the kinetic energy it had acquired while being thrown up. This trick provides for a very satisfying experience, since the landing and spinning motion appear quite magical.

catch to spin

Longest spin:

This is one of the best games that kids can play using fidget spinners. The game is quite simple, and yet, it is quite interesting. The challenge is to keep a fidget spinner spinning for the longest period of time. In this game, each kid needs to have their own fidget spinners. Once they are ready, they all need to spin their fidget spinners at the same time. They can spin it in their hands or spin in on a flat surface such as a table. The fidget spinner that keeps spinning for the longest period of time will be declared the winner. This game has become widely popular among kids, and sometimes even adults are attracted to it. This game is also inspiring fidget spinner manufacturers to design new types of spinners that can spin for longer durations.

longest spin

Fidget spinners are quite cheap, with the starting price around $2-$5. These can help kids to overcome their fidgeting habits and provide them with the right motivation to engage in physical activities. Fidget spinners can help kids improve their focus and hand-eye coordination. This can also be an effective way to reduce the screen-time of your kids. Although fidget spinners are considered safe, kids should be advised about performing certain tricks such as trying to toss the fidget spinner over their nose or a hat. In such tricks, there’s always the possibility that the fidget spinner might hit their eyes. There is no real need for adult supervision when kids are learning cool ways to use fidget spinners, but a tad bit of advice always helps. Another thing is that fidget spinners are known to be highly addictive. Guidance may be required if kids are spending way too much time with their fidget spinners.

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