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10 Ways for Finding Postpartum Fitness

Congratulations on becoming the proud mother to a beautiful baby! Giving birth to a new life is always taxing on the health of the new mother. And the responsibility gets multiplied once the little bundle of joy arrives. Most parents today, research about all things associated with their baby through books and Internet resources. But in the midst of this, most times the health and fitness of the mother takes a backseat. During the months of pregnancy and after childbirth, women tend to add a lot of extra weight and when this is not checked on time it can lead to many associated health risks. So, seeking measures for postpartum fitness is not optional, it is rather a compulsory measure that every mother has to think about.

Once you have undergone the six-week post-delivery doctor’s checkup and got a clean chit in terms of your health, it is time to get your body in shape. You have to get the body flexibility back as well lose some extra pounds that have clung onto your body by now. But having said this, we also understand the burden of responsibilities that lie with the new mother. She has to constantly care and be with her little one. Don’t worry, we will not suggest any illogical advises in this respect. So, let us take a look at some measures you may adopt to get your fitness back and attain a control over your health.

#1 Start Walking:

Take some time out of your busy schedule to take brisk strolls with the kid. You might be sleep deprived and low on energy, but the walks would help you and the baby get some fresh air. Use the modern day slings to carry the baby along. Make sure that the sling you choose supports the baby sufficiently and does put excessive stress on your neck, back and shoulders. Start with short walks and increase the time as you go along.

#2 Go for a Jog:

There are special jogging strollers available. Purchase one such vehicle and put your six month old (or higher aged) baby in the stroller. Start with walks, and as time passes get into the jogging mode. This would be great fun for the baby and a good way to shed weight for you.

#3 Lunchtime Strolls:

If you are a working mother, then you are awfully short on the exercise time. But you still have to manage some. Carry a pair of sneakers along with you to the office. During the lunchtime, ask a colleague to accompany you for a walk. This would be a good past time for them and a way to manage your fitness.

#4 Hit the Gym:

Take out a little time every day, by asking your partner to look after the baby. This will allow you to venture to a gym in the neighborhood. While at the gym don’t try to work out like a pro, some simple exercises will suffice. But it is essential to stay regular about this practice.

#5 Checkout the Yoga Studios:

There are special postpartum fitness programs organized by the yoga studios and health clubs. Check in your locality whether there is any such program ongoing. Postpartum fitness programs are specially designed for women facing similar fitness issues as you are. So, the exercises will have a better result on your fitness.

#6 Form a Mom-Baby Stroller Group:

Such Mom-Baby stroller groups have gained popularity across the US and in some other nations as well. May be you can form a club of moms in the postpartum stage, who are serious about getting back in shape. Often strolling alone is not much fun. So, when you form a group and stroll with friends it would be more enjoyable. And all the time you are shedding some weight as well!

#7 Equip your Home:

Some babies are more demanding than others. If your baby falls under this category, then venturing out of your home on a regular basis might not be a logical idea. Don’t worry, there are always alternatives. Today, fitness equipment’s are readily available online. No, we are not asking you to build a home gym! Some jump ropes and dumbbells would be good for you. You can work out when the baby is taking a nap.

#8 Use Resources:

Staying in the same line, where mothers cannot venture outside, you can sweat it out at home by having a scheduled time for aerobics, kick-boxing, or exercises from a DVD. There are many resources to find exciting fitness videos for the new mothers. By working out at home you manage both the worlds – your baby and health!

#9 Make the Baby Pooch Disappear:

There are some great freehand exercises that would help you get over the baby pooch that has by now become a part of you. Some of these exercises include Pelvic Tilt, Pelvic Bridge, Heel Slides, Towel Pulse, Single-Leg Stretch with Towel, among others. You can practice these exercises as early as the first week after delivery in case of normal delivery. For mothers who have undergone C-Section, it is best to wait for 6-10 weeks after delivery before participating in such exercises.

#10 Watch out for Calories and Fats:

Due to breastfeeding, new mothers find snacks and fast foods very attractive propositions. Items such as chips and sodas contain plenty of harmful calories, so they should be removed from your diet. Replace these with plenty of fruits, proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and low fat dairy products. These will help you keep the body in shape, and get maximum rewards from the fitness regime you are following

Just because you are a mother now, does not mean you can stop thinking about your personal health. No matter how engaged you remain throughout the day, you have to find some time and move towards fitness. The first few years after childbirth are very taxing for the new mother, but this time will pass. You do not want to take a will-do-it-later approach for fitness and suffer for that later. So, choose a fitness schedule that suits you best and get fit, ‘all you gorgeous moms!’


    • Hey, @casandra we agree it can initially be a bit difficult, try incorporating diet changes and make time for workouts/ yoga each day. And you will definitely start seeing results.!

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