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How to Motivate Your Child

How to Motivate Your Child

Motivation is one of the key ingredients required to help your child excel in their education at school, extra-curricular activities, and social interactions. Motivation can come from intrinsic or extrinsic sources. Intrinsic is the type of motivation that comes from within whereas extrinsic motivation is derived from external sources. It is often recommended that intrinsic motivation is used, as it is more beneficial and long-lasting. Intrinsic motivation would involve encouraging your child’s curiosity so that they can have fun while learning new things and experiences. Intrinsic motivation can also be about letting your child choose the things they want to do. This way, they will be able to develop a natural interest in certain things, and you will not have to tell them again and again.

Extrinsic motivation can also be used in certain cases, for example, if your child has done exceptionally well in their school education, sports or social event, etc. It could be a gift, something that your kid may have always wanted or any other form of reward. Extrinsic motivation needs to be used occasionally, since overdoing it can lead the child to associate his efforts with gifts and rewards rather than with his personal growth as an individual. Motivation derived through gifts and rewards does not last long, which is why it should be used in specific situations only.

As a parent, you can interact with your child to understand their areas of interest and accordingly guide them to all the things that they can do and achieve in that particular field. Use visual tools such as diagrams/drawings, pictures or videos so that they can get a better idea about the things they want to do.

Here are some important tips and techniques you can use to motivate your child.

How to Motivate Your Child


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