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6 Ways to Resist Child’s Pester Power

During your tenure as a parent there will be instances when your kid’s pestering would leave you frustrated, annoyed and searching for solutions. There are phases in the life of a parent when going out with your “little bundle of joy” turns into your “worst nightmare”! Most kids have a tendency to not take “no” for an answer and they will push you to buy things that do not ideally match your scheme of things. What’s more, their demands would not be limited to one item or toy; they would pester you to buy as many things as they want! You can refuse their request all you want to, and yet they will not give up. Soon, the kid will get under your skin and make you your lose temper in front of others. That puts you in an embarrassing situation!

Leading Sociologists believe that the pestering power is a big issue for modern day parents, as there is no one else to share this burden. In the past years, when large families were the norm, there were always so many people to look after the kid and deal with their rebellious behavior. But alas, those days have passed! So, when your child does not take “no” for an answer and wants you to buy, buy and buy more, you could try some of the below given strategies to pacify the demands.

Tip #1: Everything Does Not Come With an Explanation

You should always remember: occasionally it is okay to say a prompt “no” to your child. Additionally, all refusals do not come with an explanation. While there are times when you should sit back and explain why you refused the kid, it should not be customary all the while. Parents should not be answerable to their kids for all the decisions they take. Child Psychologists believe that most of the while kids know exactly why their parents are saying “no” to a certain thing and yet they would like to have it. So, while rudeness can turn your child into a rebellious being, showing too much affection can also spoil him/her.

Tip #2: Just Ignore and Walk Away

While your kid is pestering you with requests such as “Can I have this?”, “Can I buy that?” it is a good ploy to just walk away and keep a distance between you and the kid. You have to make yourself physically and psychologically scarce when the kid is making vain requests or arguing with you about a certain point. Trying to persuade your kid, or reasoning with him/her would turn the situation worse. So, it is best to go about your business and soon the kid would realize that arguing is a waste of energy. By mastering this art, you can save yourself from many precarious situations.

Tip #3: Ask Your Partner Trick

Kids find a way to corner you, with their persistent demands. They will even blackmail you to get what they want. As the kid grows into a teenager the emotional pressure is more overbearing on the parents. Teens want to get what they want at any cost, especially when it comes to going out with friends. So, a good way to pacify the situation is to bring your partner into the picture, when he/she is not around. You can avoid their pestering by saying “I have to ask your father’s/mother’s opinion on this and get back to you”. Once the teen is calm, you can always refuse their illogical demand.

Tip #4: Seek Moral Support

As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems for modern day parents is small family structures. Naturally, the parents feel bad when they see their kids cry or get angry at them for refusing to put up with their demands. In such a situation, it is normal to feel depressed. Why not confirm your decisions by calling up a close friend. A friend, who is also a parent, would be able to see the independent picture of the situation and give you valuable advice as well as moral support. It’s very easy to doubt yourself, when you are all alone. So, this is a good exercise.

Tip #5: Make Them Aware

Most parents decide to keep their kids aloof of the financial aspects that dictate family decisions. While this is a protective approach, you are not allowing the kid to see the real picture of how things are. They should understand your financial constrictions and act accordingly too. So, the next time your teenager asks for a new mobile, do not say an outright “no”. Rather tell her “Okay, you can have the new mobile, but have you saved enough money to buy it?” The answer inevitably would be – No. So, ask him/her to save money from that day onwards and once they have saved enough the mobile would be rewarded for their perseverance. This simple practice will give them some idea about the financial aspects of each purchase they request.

Tip #6: No Treats Everyday

Most kids love junk food and on any outing they will definitely pester you for a treat. The trick lies in getting the message across to them: “treats are not meant for every single outing”. When you refuse to their demand, they of course will be angry. So, pacify them with the promise of a small treat after the dinner and prepare something delicious as well as healthy. But that treat too should come with the condition that the child would have to behave himself/herself during the course of the day. This can help you keep the kid under control for a while, at least.

It is easy to get annoyed and lose your temper when your kid is pestering you with their unrealistic demands. But remember, shouting at them will not solve the problem, it will rather aggravate it. You should of course deny the kid, but go about it in a logical way. The best practice is to find ways that work the best for you.

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