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Is Sibling Rivalry Normal?

dealing with sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is not only normal, but it is, in fact, an effective learning mechanism for your children. It is quite widespread in the animal world as well being that can see it among birds, mammals, reptilian, etc. Sibling rivalry helps children in the formation of their identity, which is one of the crucial steps in their overall growth and development. Sibling rivalry also prepares the kids for their future life by giving them glimpses of what may be in store for them as they grow up.

With sibling rivalry, your children learn to fight and compete, something that will help them in their later years. As a parent, the only thing you may need to do is ensure that things do not escalate beyond a certain point. You need to provide space to the sibling rivalry and at the same time, keep a watchful eye to make sure that things don’t go out of control. On its own, most instances of sibling rivalry will be resolved on their own, so you need not intervene every time.

two brothers fighting
However, in some recent cases, it has been noticed that actions of some children were influenced by something that they watched online or on television. In such cases, the instance of sibling rivalry resulted in some children getting physically or emotionally hurt or both. You need to ensure that your children do not act under the influence of external factors.
Overall, act like a good referee, one that does not differentiate between the teams and ensures that the sibling rivalry games go on fairly and smoothly. Here are some more great tips to help you successfully manage sibling rivalry:

Sibling rivalry


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