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Six Reasons Why Your Kid Needs Sleep

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Good sleep is essential for your child, as it’s directly associated with their mental and physical development. Research studies have shown that sleep recharges the brain’s batteries and keeps it alert and calm. It boosts brain power, improves attention span, and allows an individual to remain physically relaxed, yet mentally alert at the same time. It may take some time for your kids to develop their natural sleep-wake cycle, so ensure that you provide them with the right environment and follow a planned schedule. You may have a busy lifestyle, but that should not come in conflict with the sleep patterns of your child.

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Sleep deprivation among kids is not to be taken lightly, as it has been associated with various problems such as an inability to concentrate, being less attentive, easily distracted, and being hyperactive, impulsive or lazy. Even small amounts of sleep deprivation experienced every day over a prolonged period can have a cumulative effect on a child’s physical and mental health. On the other hand, adequate sleep offers wide ranging benefits such as being more sociable and outgoing and less demanding. Research has shown that children with higher IQs were the ones who had a longer sleep cycle.

To ensure good sleep for your child, focus on creating a bedtime routine and a consistent sleep schedule. The environment should be conducive for their sleep; a dark, cool, quiet place. For school-aged children, you can teach them the importance of good sleep and its various benefits.

To help you understand better, here are six reasons why good sleep is important for your kid.

Six Reasons Why Your Kid Needs SleepSix Reasons Why Your Kid Needs SleepSix Reasons Why Your Kid Needs Sleep


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