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How to Stop Your Kid from Bedwetting

How to Stop Your Kid from Bedwetting

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, bedwetting is quite common among children. It would be wrong to blame your child for bedwetting since it’s a physical limitation and not a behavioural issue that they can control. The medical term for bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis, which occurs when the bladder muscles are not yet fully developed. It can also be that a child’s bladder may still be too small to hold the amount of urine being produced. Bedwetting can also occur when the muscles contracting the bladder are exerting more pressure than the sphincter muscles that control urine flow. It would be a great idea to let your kid know these facts so that they don’t feel guilty about it.

You can tell your kid that they will eventually outgrow it naturally when their bladder muscles mature and get stronger. You can inform them that they are not alone, as bedwetting is experienced by 20% of 5-year-old kids; 10% of 7-year-old kids; 5% of 10-year-old kids, and 1% of 16-year-old kids in the US. It takes time for the bladder to mature and this may vary from child to child. Another important aspect is that bedwetting bedwetting is more common among boys, as compared to girls; almost twice as much. Constipation has shown to be associated with bedwetting, so it would be a good idea to include more fruits and vegetables in your kid’s diet. Medications are available to control bedwetting, but these provide temporary relief. Kids experience a relapse, soon after the medication is discontinued.

Here are some tips that will help you manage your child’s bedwetting problems.

How to Stop Your Kid from Bedwetting

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  • my nephew is 5years we try to control the amount of water he drinks at night yet he’ll still bed wet.
    For me I can’t be waking every minute for him not to bed wet., after all the day stress. By the time I or my mom wakes to use the toilet he would’ve bed wet.

    • Country: Nigeria

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