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The Easiest Way to Teach Colors to Your Kids

Teaching colors to kids

It’s important for your child to learn to identify colors, as it is likely to be part of the screening process for their educational admittance. Moreover, the ability to identify colors reflects their overall development and is considered a significant step in their cognitive learning process. For your child, learning to identify colors is a complex task, so bear with them; give them adequate time to learn at their own pace. In most cases, the ability to identify colors does not come through until children are 3 years old. Even the smartest kids take time to learn colors, so be patient in case your child is facing some problems with identifying colors.

The first thing children learn about any object is its shape, size, and name. So, when the concept of color is introduced, it is an altogether new learning experience for them, which takes time. Often, kids get confused about identifying objects by their name, shape, size, or color. To overcome this, you can use the same objects in different colors. For example, you can show them a red apple and a green apple, which would make it easier for them to understand the concept of color. Another thing to keep in mind is not to confuse kids with different shades of colors, as this might take even more time to learn.

You also need to check for color blindness since almost 8% of males and 0.4% of females experience some degree of color blindness. Tests to detect color blindness are easily available online and on mobile apps.

Here are some of the easiest, yet most effective ways to teach colors to your kid.

The Easiest Way to Teach Colors to Your Kids


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