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11 Things every New Mother Needs After Delivery

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous affair! It completes the family and gives a woman a sense of fulfillment. But the arrival of the new baby should not divert attention from the wellbeing of the new mother. Modern day couples, wait for months for their bundle of joy to arrive. Largely due to the vast development in medical science, todays parents can plan for the delivery of their little one. When the due date is around the corner, the parents start packing for their visit to the hospital. On the one hand they have to purchase cute little diapers, onesies and other baby essentials; on the other hand various things should be stacked into the bag for the mother as well.

The days following the delivery, are the most challenging times for a new mother. She has to cope with a new way of life. And that begins at the hospital, soon after the baby’s birth. Keeping this in mind, your packing for the hospital stay should include a list of many essential items for the new mother. So, before you pack up for the hospital do look through the below provided list of essentials.

Item #1: Maxi Pads

After the delivery, you would bleed for many weeks, so it is wise to buy some maxi pads beforehand. You cannot use the regular tampons, as they would not suffice for excessive bleeding you would experience. Choose Maxi pads from only the best brands, because you do not want to compromise with the hygiene so shortly after the surgery.

Item #2: Over-sized Underwear

This is an absolute essential if you are going to have a C-Section. The problem with regular underwear is that they go right across the incision area, causing pain each time you move. With over-sized underwear there is extra space left between the skin and the cloth, making your hospital stay as well as ride back home very comfortable. Problem is most mothers do not know beforehand whether they would be having a C-Section or normal delivery. But, you can still invest in this to stay prepared.

Item #3: Nipple Cream

Your first tryst with breastfeeding would not be pleasant. In the early days your nipples will remain sore and ache. The application of a good nipple cream could save you from the unpleasant experience. Opt for the herbal brands of cream, so that the baby’s health is not compromised.

Item #4: Nursing Pads

While you nurse a baby you will experience the “let down”. In simple terms, this is the release of milk from both the breasts at the same time, so that it becomes available to the baby. But while the baby feeds from one breast, other one keeps leaking. Apart from this, most new mothers experience leaking when the baby sleeps longer than usual, when carrying something heavy pressed against their chest, or even when the baby cries. This is where the nursing pad is so essential. It keeps you from facing embarrassment.

Item #5: Nursing Bras

Six weeks prior to the delivery date, is the best time to shop for these. As milk will ooze out once the baby is born, your breasts will get bigger. To accommodate this change, choose a bigger size than the one you normally wear. This will leave some room between the bra and the breasts helping you feed the baby without problems.

Item #6: Nursing Tanks

Your trendy outfits will not work during maternity. You have to live in nursing tanks for some years. These tanks are spacious and help you feed the baby without problems.

Item #7: Cup with a Straw

Nursing mothers are always advised to drink a lot of water through the day. This helps in maintaining the milk supply, as also saves new mothers from dehydration. Even when you are not feeding the little one, there should always be a cup full of water beside your bed. So, buying an insulated large cup with a straw really helps in keeping you well hydrated. While you focus on the needs of the baby, this cup would serve as a reminder to drink at intervals.

Item #8: Soap for your first shower

You might be asked to stay away from the shower for some days after childbirth. So, the first shower after giving birth is a really unique experience. For the first time you are away from the baby, even if it is only for some minutes. Why not cherish this moment with a special soap that freshens up your senses and keeps you clean. It is that time, when you would like to pamper yourself a bit!

Item #9: Stool Softener

As the wounds from your recent surgery are still raw, you may feel afraid of passing the stool. The stool softener helps you go through the natural motion without feeling much of a pain. In normal situations, you might not need a stool softener after you reach home. But if you suffer from constipation, this medication might be needed for some time.

Item #10: Tummy Splint

Women experience the Diastasis Recti or separation in the abs. The separation can give you a tummy pooch, which will not go away anytime soon. If you try the sit ups and crunches, then it will bulge even further. So, the best way to get back your normal belly is to wear a tummy splint of high quality. It will keep the belly shape under check.

Item #11:  Stock your Freezer

Before you return back home, the freezers should be filled with ready to eat food. New mothers are prone to feel hungry at intermittent intervals. So, stock the freezers with snacks and convenient meals. Purchase some of the snacks items such as granola bars, chocolates, almonds, etc. Convenient meals such as frozen pizza, spaghetti, ready to cook soups and noodles serve well.

Hope we have been able to guide you on the final packing list for the would-be mother. All these items are essential for the mother, during her stay at the hospital and later when she returns back home.

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