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10 Tips for Saving Money When Shopping for Your New-Born

10 Tips for Saving Money When Shopping for Your New

The ideal way to start a family is to have a thorough discussion with your partner– make a family plan, figure out finances and pretty much make sure that you’re stable and independent enough to raise a kid. Although ideal, it isn’t necessarily adhered by a majority of people; which can result in them having a considerably tough time with finances when the baby arrives. Whether or not you’re doing it the ideal way, we have some tips that can help you save a pretty penny when it comes to shopping for your newborn. So, read on!


Don’t be hesitant to ask your friends and family for hand-me-downs. You’ll be amazed to see a number of unused baby essentials they have lying about in storage. Nothing would make them happier than to get rid of things that are taking up space. If you’re hoping for a future born, then we recommend that you store essential maternity items and baby gear to re-use down the road.



Bulk-buy items that you think would be the most needful. For the first two years of your new-born, this would consist mainly of diapers and baby wipes. Some other products would be medicines, diaper creams, massage oils and such.

While stockpiling is a great idea because you can make the most of the clearance sales, it’s essential to be cautious. Ensure that the products you’re bulk buying are products that you’ve finalized post some research and testing. You don’t want to buy a ton of diaper rash cream only to find out that your baby is allergic to it. Keep in mind your usage of these products in accordance with their expiration dates. This especially goes out for medicines.



In many parts of the globe, new-born babies co-sleep with their parents even after their breastfeeding years. This also provides the baby a sense of security and helps them sleep better. Investing in your baby’s nursery can leave a big hole in your pocket. Co-sleeping, on the other hand, will help you save thousands from purchasing new furniture that your baby will outgrow a few years down the line anyway.



Not everything needs to be new. You can find quality baby gear like a stroller or a baby car-seat and just about anything at consignment shops, thrift stores, loads of online second-hand shopping sites or local community pages for parents on Facebook. Not only do you save a ton of bucks, you also don’t have to compromise on quality.



A lot of parents resort to Formula feeding which can get really expensive, really fast. Feeding Formula to your new-born also exposes them to the condition of metabolic stress and gas. In the past, Formula feeding has been said to increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Breastfeeding is the way to go unless you’re unfit to do so. It provides your baby the essential nutrients and antibodies that build their immune system to fight illnesses and infections. It also prevents allergies, reduces the risk of SIDS, and is absolutely cost-free.



Diapers are an essential that you cannot buy enough of during the first two years of your new-born. When shopping for diapers it’s smart not to settle for the cheap kind because they tend to include defective pieces where the flaps come right off or aren’t entirely leak proof and you end up splurging more in the long run. It’s best to try out different brands before you settle on one that is convenient. Another option is to cut diaper costs altogether and settle for cloth diapers. They make a more economical and sustainable option.



Subscribe to e-mailers from brands that you shop from, or third-party sites like Amazon and e-Bay. You can avail tons of discount coupons from e-mailers, your local newspapers, and even coupon sites that give away impressive bargains. Coupons help you save up a noticeable sum on your complete baby care essentials, especially diapers!


Baby clothes can be tempting but are unnecessarily expensive, especially because babies outgrow them really fast. It’s okay to invest in a couple of occasional wears but if you don’t have a budget for a fancy baby wardrobe, we recommend you to shop second-hand baby clothes from consignment shops and thrift stores that additionally offer steep discounts. You will be surprised to see that they’re almost as good as new, which is due to the fact that they are barely used.


You may be the kind of parent that provides their toddler with the best toys that you come across, only to find out that they completely avoid them to play with a shoe instead. Your baby doesn’t care about how expensive the toys may be; they just go about playing with objects that intrigue them. You can make the best of this situation by making toys for your infant by yourself. All you have to do is browse Pinterest for some DIY ideas, and make your little one just as happy without spending a pretty penny.



Make a list of all the essentials that you really require. These items would include things such as baby diapers, wipes, medicines, and so on. These are your priority! Whether or not you’re on a tight budget, learn to forego things that you can easily do without; for example, a babywipe warmer! In the end, money that you spend is money that can be saved for a future commitment like your child’s preschool tuition or daycare even.

It’s understandable that as a parent you may want to go overboard when shopping for your newborn and provide them with the best of the best. However, it’s essential that you save where you can, in order to be able to deal with the much larger commitments. Your kids won’t remember the fancy baby gear that they were strolled in but will take a note of the kind of schooling you’re able to provide for them. Happy Parenting!

Do you have some unique tips to share on saving money when baby shopping? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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