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11 Adorable Ways to Welcome Your Newborn Baby Home

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It’s the first time your newborn baby will be entering their home and it’s likely that you want it to be a memorable occasion. You want to share the moment with your loved ones and express how excited you feel to welcome the newborn baby into your family. There are plenty of adorable ways to express the joy of welcoming your newborn baby home, some of which are described below.

Invite family and friends for a small party:

invite friends and family for a party

Everyone needs to share your joy, so it would be a great idea to organize a small party to welcome your newborn baby. As you may already be too tied up with taking care of the baby, this welcome party should be a low-key affair; just some snacks and decorations to go with the moment. The entire focus would be anyways on the baby, so no need to make it loud. However, if you have the right resources, you can, of course, go ahead and launch the baby’s welcome party at a much grander level.

Plant a tree:

plant a tree


This is probably the best way to make the sweet memories of childbirth last a lifetime. You can choose a specific type of tree based on how you perceive your child to be. For example, some trees are fruit bearing, some are known for their vibrant colored flowers, some give shade, etc. The tree you plant will grow with the baby, and you will have some nice stories to share with your child when they grow up.

Mom’s and baby’s jewellery: 

mom and baby jewellery

Just like planting a tree, jewellery is also a good way to treasure the memories for a lifetime. It could be a necklace with the baby’s birthstone placed in the center or it could feature little footprints with the baby’s birthdate engraved on the back. You can order your own custom design that you feel is best for the occasion. You can also choose jewellery for your baby, which may include items such as bracelet, chain, etc. If your baby has siblings, you can gift jewellery to them as well on the occasion of welcoming your newborn baby home.

Parenting scrapbook: 

Parenting Scrapbook

This is a great way to learn from the collective wisdom of other parents. When your family and friends come home to see and welcome the baby, just pass this parenting scrapbook to them. Ask them to share their best parenting tips that they may have learned from their own personal experience. This information could be vital and it’s likely that you may not find it anywhere else. You can read it in your free time and use the information to your baby’s advantage.

Capture the moment: 

capture the moment

This is quite an old idea, but it still hasn’t’ lost its sheen. It’s one of the most affordable ways and yet it can easily last a lifetime. You can do it yourself or hire a professional photographer to capture some of the most adorable moments of the day you welcomed your newborn baby home. You can choose a single photo or a collection of photographs, frame it and place it in your home.

Make a sculpture:

kids sculpture


You can make a real size sculpture of your newborn baby’s hands or feet and place it in your home. You can hire a professional artist for this purpose or you can purchase casting kits that can be ordered online. Such sculptures are a great way to cherish the memories of your newborn baby. When they grow up, they will be amazed to see how tiny they were when they were born.

Letterpress announcement cards:

Letterpress announcement c

These come in various shapes, sizes and formats, and are perfectly suited for welcoming your newborn baby home. You can customize these cards as per your needs and include a wide variety of information such as your baby’s photo, birthdate, weight, length, etc. Some cards also feature hand drawn imagery, which adds to their overall appeal. Your guests would be delighted to see these and so will your baby when they grow up.

Buy real estate on Moon or Mars:

buy real estate on moon or mars

It would be a fun idea to gift your newborn baby some real estate on Moon or Mars. With billions of dollars being invested in building specialized rockets to reach the far corners of space, one can never be sure how the future might shape in the next century and beyond. However, even without going into those aspects, the idea of gifting some Martian real estate to your newborn baby seems adorable and can be used. What’s more, there’s no lengthy paperwork or legal considerations, as you can buy such real estate online.

Customized birthday cake: 

personalised cakes

This is considered one of the simplest, yet an effective way to welcome your newborn baby home. The personalization options are virtually limitless and you can order it as per your preferences. This could have one of your personal messages, the one you feel best describes your feelings on a special day.

Baby swaddle ideas: 

baby swaddle ideas

These are quite a hit on social media and you too can come up with your own fantastic creation. Your baby may still be too small to appreciate your swaddle efforts, but your family, friends and guests will certainly love it and remember it. This could also be a test of your creativity in terms of which swaddle idea will look best on your baby. To get started, you can take inspiration from various other moms and even professional artists, who have come up with some of the most adorable baby swaddle ideas.

Get a Tattoo:

get a tattoo

It’s said that every tattoo has a story, so why not use it to tell the story of your baby when they come home for the first time. It need not be anything complicated or loud; it can be easily expressed through a letter, a symbol, a star or anything else that you may want or associate with your newborn baby. Think about it; it can work and shall last a lifetime.


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