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ChuChu TV Builds on Tremendous Success With Launch of Second YouTube Channel, ChuChu TV Surprise
By Correspondent on October 27, 2016
ChuChu TV Builds on Tremendous Success With Launch of Second YouTube Channel, ChuChu TV Surprise
By Correspondent on October 27, 2016

The creators of ChuChu TV are pleased to announce the launch of a new channel for uplifting, educational and memorable songs for toddlers. ChuChu TV Surprise features a cast of colorful, animated eggs, along with some familiar faces from the YouTube channel that started it all – ChuChu TV. In its first week, ChuChu TV Surprise tallied over 10,000 subscribers and two million video views with just two videos.


“Our team is very happy with the success of ChuChu TV,” remarked Creative Director Vinoth Chandar. “We felt the time was right to diversify and launch our second kids’ education channel on YouTube. We wanted to do something unique, so we have started this channel with a series called ‘Surprise Eggs Nursery Rhymes.’ Both surprise eggs content and nursery rhymes content on their own have a huge following of preschoolers on YouTube. We simply merged these ideas, and the results are showing.”


“We can proudly say we are the first ever YouTube channel to mix the concepts of surprise eggs and nursery rhymes. Furthermore, we now have a separate art team for this channel, and we already have hundreds of new concepts waiting to be executed.”


ChuChu TV Surprise’s animated egg characters will encourage children to learn, sing, dance and most of all, have fun. Mr. Harlo, the Finger Family Unicorn Elephant from the original channel, serves as the unofficial mascot for ChuChu TV Surprise. Likewise, subscribers to the original ChuChu TV can expect to see many of their favorite characters making guest appearances on the new channel. Mr. Harlo’s role on the channel is to take young viewers on imaginative journeys and teach age-appropriate content like colors, shapes and animals.


The ChuChu TV enterprise started as the humble side project of an India-based web development firm, but it has quickly grown into an important segment of the business. The team of animators and developers are happy to be bringing joy and fun into the lives of young people around the world, while also delivering content with educational value.


YouTube’s metrics indicate that ChuChu TV Surprise is on pace to replicate the success of its predecessor. Launched in 2013, ChuChu TV is closing in on 3 billion views and 3 million subscribers, placing it firmly among the most popular channels for its target audience of young children and their parents. Both ChuChu TV and ChuChu TV Surprise are home to well-known nursery rhymes and original kids’ songs.


The creators of ChuChu TV Surprise are in the process of developing mobile apps to complement the channel’s engaging, animated content. More YouTube channels are also expected to debut before the end of the year. As part of an international merchandising plan, the team is in discussions with licensing companies in the U.S. Select ChuChu TV merchandise is already available from


About ChuChu TV

The ChuChu TV YouTube Channel is the property of ChuChuTV Studios, a media & technology firm based in Chennai, India. The company’s mission is to connect with children throughout the world with colorful, upbeat songs, each one featuring a memorable cast of ChuChu TV characters.


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