Phonics Song with TWO Words Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

A for Apple and Ant


B for Bat and Ball


for C Cat and Cup


for D Dog and dots


for E Egg and Elephant


for F Frog and Fish


for G Goat and Grass


for H Hand and Hat


for I ink and insect


for J juice and jar


for K King and Kite


for L Lamb and Leaf


for M Man and Monkey


for N neck and nose


for O Ocean and Oar


for p Plum and Parrot


for q Queen and quail (can have Chuchu as queen)


for r Rope and rat (rat biting rope)


for s Sun and Sun flower


for t Tap and Tub


for U Uncle and Umbrella


for V Violen and violet


for W Well and water


for x Box & Fox


for Y Yacht and Yellow


for Z Zoo & Zebra


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