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5 Ways to Build Your Own Mom Squad


Motherhood can be challenging, as you have to allocate most of your time and energy towards the needs of your child. Starting from the moment when your baby is born to the time when they reach adolescence, you will find yourself busy with a host of parenting tasks. As you focus your attention on the needs of your child, it may affect the relations that you share with your friends. You may have heard the talk that motherhood calls for a lot of sacrifices, but it does not mean that you have to lose all your friends. Some relationships may fade away naturally, but you can always make new friends, even when you are busy with your parenting responsibilities. If you do it right, sustaining your friendships will not be a burden during your parenting days. Friends can actually make your parenting journey a lot more enjoyable and memorable. If you are looking for some good and reliable company during your parenting years, here are five ways you can build your own mom squad.

#1. Accept human frailties:

Not being able to accept differences in opinions can affect your friendship. It’s essential to understand that all individuals have their own unique quirks, weaknesses, and strengths, which together define the individual they are. You need to focus on the value and support they provide, rather than the weaknesses they may have. Members of your mom squad may not always agree with what you have to say, but that does not imply that you stop communicating with them. Agreeing to disagree is the key here. A good, meaningful debate will actually help your mom squad to gain new insights and perspectives. As long as the intentions are right and there is no hidden agenda to hurt or belittle someone, you should be willing to listen to divergent ideas and opinions. Remember that this will apply to all members of the mom squad and they too will be willing to accept your quirks and frailties.

#2. Communicate and interact:

Members of your mom squad will need to communicate and interact with each other on a regular basis. This is necessary to keep everyone updated with the recent developments in the group. It will help keep the interest alive and members will be able to share their tips, advice, and recommendations. It’s understandable that you will not be able to take long calls or meet every week, but communications and interactions can still be continued easily by leveraging technology. One of the most popular channels being used by mom squads is group texting, which is quite handy and does not require any major effort. For example, just sharing a picture of your kid’s first day at school would be a moment to cherish for everyone in the mom squad. Members can also post their queries and problems and ask the mom squad to provide their inputs, suggestions, and guidance.

#3. Seek moral support:

Your mom squad may not have a solution for all your problems. And that is okay. It’s because many times you may just be looking for a friend to listen to you and support you wholeheartedly. Certain problems just don’t have a solution, but if there’s a friend to stand by your side and support you unconditionally, it would be hugely beneficial. The problem may still exist, but at least, your related worries and anxiety will be reduced significantly. The mom squad can come to your rescue when you need it the most. When you are facing a tough situation, your mom squad can be there with you to support you. You can also talk to them on phone to get a sense of release from the things that may be troubling you. The right moral support and encouragement will help you overcome your fears and tackle the situation with courage and confidence.

#4. Avoid gossiping:

Secretly talking about other people is something that comes naturally to humans. However, you should try to avoid doing this within your mom squad. If you gossip about other members in the mom squad, it would divide the group into sub-groups. From that moment, it would only be a matter of time before the group starts to disintegrate. Moreover, what you gossip with others may eventually reach the concerned person. It may hurt them and create an embarrassing situation for you. To avoid gossips, members of the mom squad should openly discuss their triumphs and failures and the good, bad, and ugly sides of their lives. When everything is out in the open, there won’t be any need for gossip. In situations where this may not be possible, you need to respect an individual’s need for privacy and avoid talking about it.

#5. Make true friends:

Your mom squad should aim at cultivating true friendships. You should not think that you all are together just because you all are moms. If that is the case, then the foundations of the group will be shaky and it may not last long. You need to treat people as individuals and avoid focusing solely on the fact that they all are moms like you. Being a mom is just one of the reasons why you all have come together to create your mom squad. It’s just the starting point for your group. Your focus should be on making true friends, which can be done when you openly share your thoughts and opinions and trust and respect each other. Love and care for each other should develop naturally over time and it should not be something that is being forced upon you. True friends will be there with you through the thick and thin of life.

You can easily create a mom squad, but the real challenge is in sustaining it. It’s recommended that you go with the flow and avoid forcing anything on anyone. Let people come and go as they wish and let relationships develop on their own accord. When spending time with your mom squad, you should be the real person you are and avoid wearing any masks. Be truthful and openly share your ideas, opinions, joys, and sorrows. These are the things that will help you create a reliable, worthwhile and long-lasting mom squad.

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