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  • We don’t want to push ads on kids: Vinoth Chandar CEO,ChuChuTV

    By Misbaah Mansuri in Exchange 4 Media

    Having received the renowned ‘Diamond Play Button’, recognition from YouTube, for surpassing 10 million subscribers with only 154 videos in 4 years, ChuChu TV seems to have wielded rhyme and reason to conquer YouTube and charted its path to be the third most subscribed YouTube channel in India. We chatted with Vinoth Chandar, Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director, ChuChuTV who revealed how the brand’s popularity has propelled them to dive into the business of creating consumer products....Read Full Article

  • Fast train to success

    By Anjana Vaswani in India Times Mumbai Mirror

    Little Miss Muffet earns a pat on the back for facing her fears, Humpty Dumpty learns from his fall, and the wall is cordoned off to prevent future mishaps, and undeterred by their first experience, Jack and Jill resume their trek up that hill with their heads held high because "where there's a will, there's a way." These are the altered plots of just some of the animated nursery rhyme videos that have made four-year-old YouTube channel ChuChu TV something of a worldwide sensation. "All videos...Read Full Article

  • Humpty Dumpty Too Traumatic? In This More Sensitive Version, He Survives

    By Eric Bellman in WSJ

    Like many Indians, B.M. Krishnan grew up with both local and Western nursery rhymes. Even as a child, he figured the English ones just didn’t make much sense. The tale of the downfall of Humpty Dumpty—universally and perplexingly portrayed as a giant egg with limbs—still upsets him. “It is saying something cannot be fixed, cannot be repaired. That is not something you tell a child,” Mr. Krishnan complains. “Why should Humpty be like that? So pathetic. Let him go to the doctor...Read Full Article

  • The Chu Chu Mantra: Here’s how one of YouTube’s most successful channels made it big

    By Delshad Irani in Economic Times Brand Equity

    Kids’ YouTube channel, Chu Chu TV’s most popular video to date is ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’. It’s got about 1.5 billion views and is Google-owned YouTube’s 44th most watched video in the world. But there’s another Johny on YouTube who is sneakily eating sugar and just 387 million people have seen him so far. When Chennai-based Chu Chu TV released this version of the popular nursery rhyme, it received some of the worst reactions the channel’s co-founder Vinoth Chandar ever read....Read Full Article

  • ChuChu TV: Like a diamond in the Sky

    By Anirban Roy Choudhury in afaqs.com

    ChuChu TV owes its origin to a two-year-old girl reciting the popular nursery rhyme - Chubby Cheeks - to her father. IT service provider, Vinoth Chandar walked into his home one day in 2013 and saw his daughter reciting the poem; as any father would, he grabbed his camera and recorded it with the intention of putting it up on YouTube. What he actually did however, was something else entirely. He made an animated video of the same nursery rhyme; went to a music studio; got a singer to recite...Read Full Article