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9 Things to do for Being a Happy Mom

Being a Happy Mom


Life throws new challenges at a mother every day. She has to run around all day to meet the needs of her child, house, and family. A child running around the house can be a thing of joy for others, but it means a chaos for the mother. Leading Psychologists around the country believe that though a mother never admits that she is strained by the responsibilities; internally she is very frustrated. And this frustration can come out in the form of sudden anger and violent outbursts. Every human being deserves to have a certain time for recreation and relaxation, but the mother is often deprived of this. As the months pass, her sense of frustration mounts and the hidden emotions start ebbing out.

There can be nothing more detrimental to a kid than to have a frustrated and unhappy mother. As you know, children are the great imitators and they often pick up the actions of their parents. So, an unhappy mother gives out all the wrong signals to the child. This is why it is imperative for a mother to stay happy (and we do not mean acting happy while remaining frustrated inside). When the mother is relaxed and rejuvenated she can take better care of her child. This is why we have brought some tips for all the mothers out there to stay happy.

Tip #1: Leave your house

Has the hustle and bustle of your daily life confined you within the four walls of your house? It is time to re-schedule your day and add some outdoor activities this time. Fresh air, bright sunlight, and nature are known to be good mood enhancers for women. You might only have time for a short walk up to the park with your kid, but make sure you are leaving the house at least once every day. Even accompanying your kid to the playground can present new opportunities. You will quickly befriend other mothers who accompany their children. And the time spent in talking with them can be relaxing for you.

Tip #2: Seek a helping hand

Most of the unhappy mothers have a common trait – they are too shy to ask friends or relatives for help! As a result, they miss out on fun activities such as parties, a visit to the movie theater with the husband or a night out of town. You need to get over the shyness and ask for help. There are bound to be some friends or relatives who can care for the child while you are away. When you approach the right people, you will find that they are willing to help you. The people, who know you well, also know about the sacrifices you are making every day and they would be willing to help you relax. So, do not let the childcare duties keep you away from those fun-filled weekends.

Tip #3: Plan a Vacation

Many mothers shun the thoughts of a vacation until their child is fairly old enough. This is detrimental for the mental health of the mother. Even if your child is only a toddler, there is nothing holding you back from a trip to a nearby destination. The destination can be close by, but make sure you are going on a vacation. Staying in a hotel makes you forget all about the daily household chores. The change in setting helps you stay relaxed and rejuvenate your senses. Try to have as much fun during the vacation as you can, which may even include you, putting your husband in charge of taking care of the baby at certain times.

Tip #4: Re-enliven the Romance

After the birth of their first child, most mothers just concentrate on their baby. They forget all about their husband. All of a sudden the romance vanishes from their life. All those sweet addresses of “honey” and “sugar” become a thing of the distant past. As you start taking no notice of your husband, he too does not reciprocate in the same romantic way. This can strain your family life too and pile on your frustration. So, you should always find ways to re-enliven your romantic life. A candlelight dinner or a long drive with your hubby would be a good way to get back into the groove.

Tip #5: Schedule the sleeping time

The early days of motherhood are bound to be decorated with all those sleepless nights and busy days. But once your child is old enough you have to start caring for your health. This means you have to accommodate eight hours of sleep every day. As a busy mother, you need to be flexible about the sleeping times. Suppose you have to wake up early in the morning to prepare your kid for school. Then you might choose a mid-day timing to complete your quota of sleep. There can be no better mood freshener than a good sleep. If, you have some more time in hand, then, plan to spend time in doing a thing you love (reading, watching television, etc.).

Tip #6: Include some exercise time

Okay, so you stay very busy in the morning. Why not use the evening slot for some exercising. Exercising every day not only keeps your body fit but also helps you relax mentally. This is a bit of me-time you can always dedicate in a day. You can also take the child along and teach him some of the simpler exercises. You will find that the child is willing to experiment. A trip to the nearby gym could be the best way, but even exercising on your terrace works.

Tip #7: Hang out with your Pals

Being a mother does not mean you have to shun all your old friends. So, choose a weekend when your husband is around and fix a get together with some of your old friends. It is time to get back into the flow of life you had before the child came along. While mingling with your friends you will find a stream of memories flowing by and often you will feel like a new person after the interactions. Again, the basis of this get together is to have as much fun as possible and even do things that you loved during your school or college days.

Tip #8: Give a Twist to Daily Activities

Mothers turn into a sort of mechanical robots. They do the same things, at the same time and in the same way. It is time to give a twist to this same old routine. You might do all the tasks, but with a twist in them. If your child has a bath in the bathtub every day, why not take him on the terrace (weather permitting) and give him a different bathing experience one day. Such small changes go a long way in removing the boredom associated with your everyday tasks.

Tip #9: Have a positive mindset

There are a hundred things that can have a negative effect on your mood, but then there are hundred other things that can keep you happy. Shun the negative thoughts and try to think of ways to keep yourself happy. It does not take much for you to stay happy.  A funny memory or thinking of a depressing situation from a different angle is enough to keep you happy.

Happy mothers who meet their children with wide smiles and lots of cuddles end up teaching the right life lessons to them. By staying happy, you are not only raising a happy child but also casting a positive mood in the household ambience. Hope our tips would help you stay happy as a busy mother.

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