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How to Overcome Parenting Blues on A Bad Day

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Every parent has a share of their own bad days! Irrespective of whether you work, stay at home or have a full-time nanny, you’re cannot escape from parenting problems today which may quickly get even worse. There are days when you just can’t handle your kids’ behaviour and burst out. There might be days when you crawl into your bed at night and feel unworthy of being a parent. On these days, the first thing you should do is to remind yourself that nobody can do it all perfectly. All these would pass and you would definitely move on to a better brighter day. Here we list out a few simple solutions to overcome your blues on a bad day.

#1. Stay calm

When you just had a bad parenting day, it’s natural to feel frightened and infuriated. So calm yourselves to feel controlled in such challenging situations. Do slow breathing, drink water or take a shower. This will definitely help you calm down. Relax! This day is just another passing cloud.

#2. Learn to accept your situation

It’s often very hard to digest that you behaved like a horrid parent and now you are feeling crumbled from the inside. But that’s okay. Not all days are like icing on the cake.  Some may be good and others can be dreadful, with a fair amount of shouting and unfair accusations. Learn to accept the situation. Whatever has happened has happened. Try to make it a better tomorrow instead cribbing about the past.

#3. Don’t be guilty

Okay, you may have shouted at your kid, may have raised your hands, or might have even said something that you now regret. What happened is not a big deal. It happens everywhere. But what matters is the thing you do after. Shower your kid with love, hugs, and kisses and be that pampering and comforting parent that you are. If they are old enough, talk to them about what happened and apologize if it was your mistake. This not only makes you feel better but also teaches important life lesson of forgiveness to your child.

#4. Believe in yourself

Everyone will have to go through bad parenting days. But there is always a better tomorrow. Clear everything the very night and make sure that you don’t take today’s remains into the possibility of a great tomorrow. Keep in mind that it’s just a bad parenting day and that you are not a bad parent. Don’t push yourself to be perfect. After all, you are a human.

#5. Talk to someone you trust

Share your bad-mommy moments with a friend or a well-wisher. Talking about your not-so-good moments will help you realize that you’re not the only one going through this situation.  You are definitely not the worst mother the world has seen nor is your child the naughtiest. Venting out your stress will help you remember the fact that there are no perfect parents or babies.

#6. Be easy to yourself

Chances are that you are already exhausted and depressed about what happened. Thus it’s unfair to expect you to complete all the scheduled chores and tasks. Go easy on yourself and be flexible with your to-do list. Rigidity will only make you more frustrated. Schedules do help you structure your day, but if you think your body or mind really need a break, then don’t let a routine mundane work stop you from relaxing.

#7. Look after yourself

Stop ranking your needs after everyone else’s. For once take care of yourself. Life seems more and more unfair when you are exhausted, hungry or sleeps deprived. Eating healthy foods, doing mild exercises and getting a good night’s sleep will not only make you stronger but would also make you feel better about yourself. Occasionally treat yourself with the things you like, for example, a long soak in the hot tub, curling up with your favourite book, or having a cheesecake all by yourself.

Let us remind you one more time that you are doing a great job.  You may not get it right always and that’s fine.  You may lose your patience at times and think that you are a horrible parent. But you’re not.  Remember that every parent is great in their own way.

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