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Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Your Kid to Eat Their Food

'ts of getting your kid to eat their food

Kids are naturally fussy about what they eat since their nutritional needs are quite different, as compared to that of adults. Moreover, it keeps changing, as they are growing at a rapid pace. Children may not understand the importance of nutrition, so their way of choosing food depends on taste, flavour, colour, texture, how the food is presented etc. Children usually tend to ignore the foods that we consider as healthy such as vegetables and whole grains. What they tend to like are sugary and fatty foods, which may not be good for them in the long run.

While trying to teach your kids to eat the right food, you need to bring about a change in their eating habits gradually, rather than enforcing everything at once. For example, if your child is ignoring a new food that you are trying to give them, you need to be patient and keep presenting it to them until they start accepting it on their own. This applies to any food that you want to give to your child. Another way is to involve your kid in food preparation. This will stimulate their curiosity and interest, and they may want to try how it tastes. You can also use the technique of giving one food item at a time so that they are always excited about what’s being served next.

You may have to experiment a bit to see which method works best for your child. Also, understand that picky eating is a temporary phase, so you need not get anxious about it.

Here are some essential Do’s and Don’ts of getting your kid to eat their food.

Picky eating


  • Quite interesting way to change my daughter who eat slowly. So I won’t tag her any longer but rather encourage her. Thank you.

    • Country: Nigeria
  • Nice, my son Wldnt eat any thing @ all and I always end up lashing @ him. I noticed he loves carrots so I try to use carrots alots. Thanks for this helpful tip

    • Country: Nigeria

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