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10 Things That Come With Being a New Mom

Being a New Mom


Being a new Mom is the best feeling ever. The soft skin, big curious eyes, tiny hands and legs that keeps kicking the air – isn’t your baby the most beautiful sight you have ever seen? But motherhood is not always a cake walk. It is a rocky path with its ups and downs. One moment it feels exciting and the next is terrifying; you feel both rewarded and also drained out at the same time. Relatable isn’t it? Here we list out the 10 things that come with being a new mom.

#1. You are more of a song & dance woman

What wouldn’t you do to make that little pumpkin happy? From singing to dancing, making weird noises and funny faces, you are absolutely ready to do anything even if it means you looking foolish. Be it while bathing them or while feeding them mashed up porridge or while tucking them to sleep, you make entertaining your baby as the sole purpose of your life. After all, you get those cute smiles as a reward.

#2. Bid goodbye to your clean living room

Are you the put-everything-in-its-place kind of a person? Well! Not anymore, now that your lovable monster has arrived. Your house is completely covered with oversized, brightly coloured toys! Your living room will probably never have its old spic-and-span look. But guess what? You won’t mind at all. In fact, you would be happy about how handy it is to have them all close by.

#3. Breastfeeding is tougher than it seemed

There are so many opinions shared on breastfeeding, none of which you will understand unless you experience it yourself. From painful feeding session to lack of milk production, cluster feedings and bleeding, breastfeeding may not be as easy as you think. But stop worrying too much and ask for help if you are having any trouble to lower any possibility of long-term issues. Do not worry about what the society might think you alone know what you are going through. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, it’s completely alright and don’t let anyone tell otherwise.

#4. Your idea of vacation will change

Vacation no longer means a trip to any scenic landscape beauty or partying hard with friends but simply spending some lone time in peace. Even simple things such as a salon pedicure or a stroll with your hubby, will give you the happiness equivalent of a trip to the Bahamas.

#5. You become tired of being tired

Everyone would be warning that you won’t have time to sleep; trust them, they aren’t lying. During the initial days, your baby will make sure that you wake up to hungry cries every two hours (two hours- if you are lucky!). Just when you’re about to close your eyes for the nth time that night, your baby would wake you up with a loud shrill. We get you! It’s no fun. Sleep deprivation goes hand in hand with being a mommy. You’re going to be really tired and that may cause headaches, confusions, irritability, depression, and memory problems. The only time you would get to sleep is when your baby sleeps.

#6. Showers would be the only me time

Those few minutes you get to spend alone, without needing to nurse a miniature human or getting peed on while changing the diaper, will definitely feel like heaven. Even though your baby would knock your door with its loud cries in just 5-10 minutes, you would look forward to those 5 minutes of lone time. You wouldn’t have dreamt of loving taking a shower or bath so much. There is absolutely nothing better than having warm water healing your sore, exhausted body.

#7. Your sex life takes a setback

You and your partner will realize that your baby will have a telepathic superpower that lets them know exactly when to be hungry or pee or simply cry, to keep you both away from each other. You sex life would definitely take a set back as your kid will want your attention all the time.

#8. You’ll start loving your husband as a daddy

Of course you will be massively irritated by your husband all the time, every day. But the next minute you see him goo’ing the baby with his daddy-mode on, you can’t help but love him more and more. Isn’t it adorable to see your hubby dearest sing a lullaby, while the baby sleeps on his shoulder or take your toddler for a horse ride? You won’t even remember getting angry on them.

#9. Your baby will give you surprises

You’ll be surprised that a tiny little human creature like your baby has the capacity to give out a loud snore or even louder fart. Everything your baby does seem to impress and surprise you. You will start capturing all the smallest achievements that your baby makes every day!

#10. Your relationship with your MIL takes a new turn

Adding a baby to your relation definitely results in some twists and turns. If you and your mother-in-law have never been on the same page before, now have a common ground to look upon – the baby as you both love the baby! And even if she doesn’t like you, she will try to take care of you and the baby and build a bond with both. If you and your MIL have always been friends, a baby would just make things even better.

To all the moms and soon-to-be moms out there, do remember that these feelings are very normal to all and that you’re doing a great job. Your little one is extremely lucky to have YOU as a mom.

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